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Ricardo Generator Overview

Ricardo Generator Sets: Ricardo diesel generator sets adopts R series diesel engines, which are a new generation of power jointly developed by our company and the UK Ricardo companies, divided into four or six cylinders, belonging to in-line, water-cooled, four stroke, eddy current type (DI) high speed diesel engine. The cylinder diameter is 100/105/108/135 mm, with the power coverage of 26.5-400 kw and the rotating speed of 1500-2800 R/min. It has the characteristics of low fuel consumption, large torque, easy start-up, low emissions, small volume, large power, high reliability, convenient operation and maintenance. It is the ideal power for automotive, engineering machinery, generator sets, ships, tractors, fixed power vehicles. Our company learn from others fortes and constantly digest and absorb foreign advanced technology. on the basis of introducing the British Ricardo R series diesel engines, we successively introduce Italy's fiat casting process, Germany Haoettinger cold core shooter, Germany latz three-coordinate measuring instrument and other advanced technology and equipment, which enables the reliability and life of R series diesel engine to reach the international advanced level among similar products. Starlight series Ricardo generators are officially authorized products of the Ricardo company. With better performance, better quality and more guaranteed services compared with similar products, they are products recommended by the Ricardo Generator set Department. Configuration standards of Ricardo generators/gensets 1) Engine: Ricardo series diesel engines 2) Engine type: water cooling, in-line, four-stroke, wet cylinder liner, direct injection 3) Generator: brushless excitation generator Control systems of Ricardo generators/gensets 1) Automatic alarm system:equipment is equipped with sound and light alarm system, there will be automatic alarm and stop if any of the following faults happen:boot failure, too high water temperature, too low oil pressure, overspeed, overload, over-current. 2) Monitor instrument: A. Voltage meter, three-phase current meter, frequency table B. Water temperature, oil pressure gauge C. Oil scale, oil temperature table D. Alarm lamp and buzzer Above is the information about our Ricardo series diesel generator. We supply Ricardo diesel generator power ranges from 24KW to 630KW.

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